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unable to deploy software to active agents

Im new to ePolicy. Im having an issue where the agent installs to workstations without an issue however it refuses to install anything else Endpoint security platform etc.  Im fully licensed for all these product but when i go to "Product Deployment" it just states faild and refuses to install.  I have disabled all firewalls to eliminate but nothing seems to work.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled agents and these all install ok and the machines appear in the system tree.  I dont have much knowledge on this product so any help would be great.



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Re: unable to deploy software to active agents


These are common issues for deployment tasks. Usually it comes to compatibility of products, OS and another conflict product in place. First verify you use supported and compatible platform:

Afterwards you can download and test a Standalone ENS installation - it will show you much more details about reason instead the need to dig the agent logs locally.

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Re: unable to deploy software to active agents



Thanks for the link.  I have checked and the o/s is supported we are trying to install on both Windows 10 1809 and Server 2016.  Both the workstations and server are brand new as this is a completely new setup so previous software isn't an issue.  I have run the standalone version on a device and this installed without an issue it just won't deploy from ePolicy Orchestrator.


Thanks for you help.

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Re: unable to deploy software to active agents

Please open a ticket with McAfee so we can see why.  Depending on the version of the agent, you can try these things.

1. First thing to do is to disable peer to peer in the agent policy

2. Once that is done and agent has received the policy change, try the deployment again

3. If it still fails, upgrade to the latest agent.  There were scheduling issues in some versions of the agents that are fixed in later version.

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