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systems sort into wrong handler on ePO running 4.5 patch 5

I'm trying to figure out why so many systems sort into my one additional agent handler in epo 4.5, patch 5, no matter what I do to alleviate the situation. I've tried configuring it with or without handler groups; I've set up sorting in the assignment rules using both branches of the system tree or using IP addresses. In both cases I've tried to start with a small test group of just one branch of the tree to verify proper function in an environment where the agent handler is a new addition and we want to prove the concept before putting more systems into the AH to ease the load on the primary ePO.

My understanding is that assignment rules behave like a typical firewall, and systems will sort into the first bucket they have a green light for. So, we have our little test branch of the tree in the first assignment rule, and the handler is first in the order with ePO 2nd, and for a 2nd assignment rule we have just the ePO itself.

Any tips? Our one theory is that systems who can't get to the primary epo because the network is busy fall over to the AH. But they shouldn't, because they are not configged to ever do so in the rules. If we can't get this thing under control, we may never  use it on a large scale. Honestly, from what I'm seeing now, I think it's a piece of shit.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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Re: systems sort into wrong handler on ePO running 4.5 patch 5

We are still in the same boat. While rules are configured to have none but a very few systems ever go into the AH, random systems from all over the environment continue to do so. We un/reinstalled the AH function on its server, and , this time, we set up the db credentials manually ( by not checking the box that said 'use epo server's db credentials during setup) and this did not change the symptoms.

If anyone knows of a log file we can look at to see why systems are choosing the AH over the ePO , I would appreciate it!


Re: systems sort into wrong handler on ePO running 4.5 patch 5

This may be nothing but a diary-- so be it. Maybe it will  help someone else.

I found the place in the agent (backup) log where one system changed over to the AH, but it just said 'trying x.x.x.x blah blah.. no reason why, no message that it had failed to contact ePO first or what have you.. still trying. I"ll check more agent logs and hopefully find something that has to do with why/how this is happening.

Re: systems sort into wrong handler on ePO running 4.5 patch 5

We opened a ticket.. they want to analyze agent.logs and orion log in debug mode. We'll see what happens.