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size of protection pilot database


First of all, I have to say I know nothing about SQL or MSDE.

I have a client which has Protection Pilot since two month, MSDE on a Windows 2003 server.

The size of the database is near one GB after two months. I'm far from the limit of Protection Pilot as I have only 150 computers. I know the limit for the MSDE database is 2 GB.

I'm a bit afraid to see such a size after two months only. Is there a way to reduce the size of the MSDE dabase of Protection Pilot ?

Thank you in advance

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RE: size of protection pilot database

i JUST ran into this problem.
I don't know anything about MSDE.
I thought this protection pilot was "install it and leave it" but I guess not.

I hit the 2GB limit without knowing, now everything is FUBAR. The protection pilot server will not start, the log says bad login. MSDE doesn't seem to come with any administration tools to fix the issue.

From what I can gather from other threads, you have to upgrade to SQL2000 or SQL2005 to fix it. O_O

Is there another solution that doesn't require $1000 upgrade?

RE: size of protection pilot database

You will need query analyzer for SQL installed, and run this against the database

WHERE (EventDateTime < '12/31/2007')

DELETE FROM Events_VSEBehaviourBlock
WHERE (EventDateTime < '12/31/2007')

DELETE FROM ProductEvents
WHERE (EventDateTime < '12/31/2007')

My recommendation is to tweak your antivirus policies and keeping logging at a minimal. McAfee, by default, keeps all logs by computers with no expiration.