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setting up HIPS 8.0.0 on epo 5.3

I have recently installed Macafee epo 5.3 server. I have installed the HIPS 8.0.0 extension, which is visible on the My products Menu of The Getting Started with epo dashboard.. It is however not listed as one of the products under the policy catalog area. Can anyone assist on how to go about it? I want to set up Network IPS that I can deploy with the policies to my systems.

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Re: setting up HIPS 8.0.0 on epo 5.3

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Re: setting up HIPS 8.0.0 on epo 5.3

Hi lenyaruasa 

If you could check on the Extensions page. If you select HIPS in the left menu the right section should populate with the elements of the extensions which were loaded which should include Reports and Policies. 

If you could supply a screen shot of this page we could identify which elements didn't load successfully. 



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