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scheduled on demand scan in epo

how do i know that the scheduled on demand scan is completed on the epo clients? is there a report to show which computer completed the scan and which one did not complete?

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Re: scheduled on demand scan in epo


You can create an automated response (selecting the event when ODS has completed) and you will receive an Email when it is done

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Re: scheduled on demand scan in epo


You can do a querie based to the Event ID :

1202: On-demand scan started (Info)

1203: On Demand scan complete (Info)

Be carefull that you have enabled this event onto the Server Settings > Event Filtering.

This Events are disabled by default.

Re: scheduled on demand scan in epo


I'm trying to figure out how to do a similar thing to you.   From what I've gathered so far, you can get a simple status on whether the scan has been completed or not using the Event IDs and methods mentioned above in this thread by and .

I'm trying to get a more complete report gathered and have started a thread here, if you'd like to follow that & contribute any ideas you may have.

good luck!