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reset password in eOrchestrator 5.1

I recently installed eOrchestrator and  had no issues till now.  It won't take the password I have been using for over 2 weeks... I don't see how to reset the password with out gong through a re-install.

Does anyone now a shortcut?  Otherwise it is back to support purgatory for me.

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Re: reset password in eOrchestrator 5.1

Community Help is only for questions about the actual community not the software so have moved this provisionally to ePO for better handling.

Re: reset password in eOrchestrator 5.1

Hello tigergeek,

Are you sure that you are using the right password?

Have you installed the epo server with sqL express?

Perhaps the Microsoft SQL Database has reached the allowed maximum size. There is not enough space remaining to write new data or temporary data needed to perform certain functions.  The database often reaches this practical limit at just over 3.8 GB, even though the stated size limit is 4 GB for SQL Server 2005 Express and SQL Server 2008 Express. If you are using SQL Server 2008 R2 Express or SQL Server 2012 Express, this limit is 10 GB.

Please check the .mdf file to confirm the database size.

As soon as you will not remove old events, from the epo database you could not logon to epo.

Re: reset password in eOrchestrator 5.1


Using full MSSQL 2008.

Yes, only password used, only one I have used or will used till roll-out is complete.

I have only used this for testing, pushed to one server, one desktop and one Laptop so far.  I was going back in to Push to all desktops when it balked.

tried it three times, third one watching my fingers and typing slowly... No joy!

McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: reset password in eOrchestrator 5.1

Good-News, You have two options.

Option 1 - Because you only have one server, one desktop and one laptop we now have to ask you what products you have installed? If you only have VSE88 ONLY, then a rebuild would certainly be faster. If you have encryption, dlpe or hips for starters then head for the support phone first and do not rebuild.

Option 2 - Call support and get to Tier 2. They will direct you to the right team. They will remote to remote control to your system. At that point they will gain access so you can change your password.


Re: reset password in eOrchestrator 5.1


make sure your data base is running (the service). Tried to restart the server. If anything Works I would go for the Option 2 from ja2013

Best regards,

Jose Maria