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removing mcafee agent 5

I am trying to update windows 10. I am unable to because mcafee agent 5 needs to be uninstalled due to incompatibility. I have removed all mcafee programs through add/remove programs but mcafee continues to run. I ran the mcpr program for mcafee and it tells me incomplete uninstallation, enterprise software detected. see log file for more details. How do I completely remove mcafee from my system?

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Level 20

Re: removing mcafee agent 5

This might be better in EPO forum at least a lot of Mcafee Agent posts are there. What product are you using?

that said does this assist

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McAfee Employee

Re: removing mcafee agent 5

​, please see : McAfee Corporate KB - McAfee Agent cannot be removed because other products are still using it (McAf...

and McAfee Corporate KB - kb65863

After removing all products, you can run the frminst.exe /forceuninstall command.

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