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Level 8

patch 9 problem

Dear friends

since I update my virus scan in patch 9, I get many problems. I update this patch for systems with windows 8 ,then they update their windows in windows 10.after that I try to install mcafee agent and virus scan but the deployment task failed,although there is no folder in virus scan and mcafee agent in this path

C:\Program Files\McAfee

C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee

these folders are empty,but I can not deploy agent again from epo.

and the log error is:

20170426104920I#07420NAIMSERVCopy C:\Windows\TEMP\mfe-1433061546.tmp\FramePkg.exe to \\ADMIN$\FramePkg.exe Successfully
20170426104920I#07420NAIMSERVPush Agent Install parameter: FramePkg.exe  /Install=Agent /Silent /InstDir="<PROGRAM_FILES_DIR>\McAfee\Agent"
20170426104921E#07420NAIMSERVPushAgent.cpp(1045): Failed to start remote agent install service. Err=1053
20170426104921I#07420NAIMSERVTrying to install the agent without impersonation.
20170426104921E#07420NAIMSERVPushAgent.cpp(738): Failed to open service control manager, system error 5
20170426104921E#07420NAIMSERVPushAgent.cpp(1057): Failed to get remote agent install service status. Service control manager status=-1, Err=2
20170426104921E#07420NAIMSERVPushAgent.cpp(288): Push Agent Installation Program to failed, will not retry

what should I DO? MY EPO AGENT IS 5.0.4

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Level 11

Re: patch 9 problem

This appears to be a re-post of this problem:

If so, multiple posts are just going to confuse things and make helping you harder.

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