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malware detected automation email suggestions?

Hi All!

    We have a great mix of companies and enterprises here in the McAfee Communities.  What I'd like to see is what everyone is using for an EPO automation alert for when malware is found or cleaned on a host machine.  What are y'all leveraging for the automation scripts?  Anyone getting really fancy and clever?

  I'm just using some basic "send email" automated scripts with malware source within them.  I'm not getting too fancy, but it gets the job done....

What I'd like to see is what everyone is using, I'd love to see some nice automation emals that are going out with proven useful information in them.

anyone game to post?

thanks all!

  Mike B

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Re: malware detected automation email suggestions?

Simple here,

1 daily report of all threats in last 24 hours, user, machine, what it was and where it was to security.

Immediate email for every event that mcafee is unable to handly, goes to our security team and also to our ticket system to generate an alert.

I also downloaded a few of the dashboards from the sharing place on here around threats which helps!