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>>Questions about Agent Handler

Hi All!

I have questions about Agent Handler that have what components?

On Agent Handler have the master repository or not? If I want to install the Master Repository, how to do that?

Thank you.

Environment : 1 ePO 5.1 need to have 2 Agent Handler for reduce load on ePO.

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Re: >>Questions about Agent Handler


Yes It is having Master Repository same as ePO having, as it is replica of ePO to provide updates which were connected to this.

Re: >>Questions about Agent Handler

Hi mate,

An Agent Handler can be configured as a Distributed Repository, but if you just run the Agent Handler setup on a server it will not automatically become an Distributed Repository.

If you want an Agent Handler to act as a Distributed Repository you should add it from within the ePO web console (ePO Menu > Software > Distributed Repository).

Hope that helps!