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failed 4.5 upgrade now server is slow??

I recently tried to upgrade our 4.0 P7 server to 4.5 patch 3 and the installed failed and then the server hung before the rollback was able to complete. Long story short, when I brought the server back up it is extremely slow!!! When I log in, the system takes about 10 minutes just to give me the full desktop. Once I am in the desktop, I can highlight icons but if I try to open any folders or even click on the start button it takes about 5 minutes for each click to be recognized. I have checked the CPU and it is only running at < 5%, memory usage is low, and physical usage according to task manager never goes above 20%. Anyone else have this issue? Just curious if this might require a full rebuild of the server or if there are other options??

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Re: failed 4.5 upgrade now server is slow??

Is the hard drive almost full?