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epo does not recognize uvscan on solaris

I have installed epo 4.5.0 on server 2008 and am using it to manage viruscan on xp boxes (working just fine) and x86 solaris servers.  the epo server can see the agent on solaris just fine but is not recognizing VirusScan (command line for sun i386 version: 6.0.3).  The ultimate goal is to be able to update virus definitions (DATs) from the epo server.  Any ideas?

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Re: epo does not recognize uvscan on solaris

I'm afraid there is no support for uvscan with the McAfee agent, so direct updating of dat for that product via ePO is not an option.

uvscan user guide includes an example shell-script for updating via the McAfee ftp site if it helps. It's also included in support article KB67513