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epo 5.10 product compatibility issue

I'm preparing to upgrade from 5.9.1 to 5.10 and ran the upgrade compatibility utility 5.10.0.  It highlighted several incompatible extensions most of which i can either upgrade or remove without issue.

However there are two which are going to cause me major problems i think, becuase I use MOVE AV (MP).  I'm currently on 4.6 but have upgraded the various extensions to 4.7 to pass the upgrade check. The incompatibilities are:

Data Center Connector (VSPHEREDCEXTN) - No known compatible version
MDCC (MDCC) - no known compatible version.

I can't remove these extensions without removing MOVE extensions, due to dependencies, and I don't want to do that as i will lose all my MOVE policies and assignments right? 

So has anybody else come across this yet?

Any suggestions?  eg. can i backup my MOVE policies and assignments, remove MOVE, do the upgrade, reinstall the extensions and then restore the policies to v5.10?


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Re: epo 5.10 product compatibility issue

I didn't have this problem as we don't use MOVE, but there is a feature that can help you out. Menu > Server Settings > Policy and Task Retention


Enabling this would keep your policies and tasks after removing the MOVE extension. Might be good to back them up just in case, but it's worked for us on other products.

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Re: epo 5.10 product compatibility issue

Thanks i had forgotten about that functionality - it could be useful, i will look into it.


Re: epo 5.10 product compatibility issue

Hi davei,

I am installing MOVE in a fresh install ePO 5.10 and I have the exact same isseu, two extensions are not compatible with ePO version 5.10 (MDCC and VSPHEREDCEXTN) and I cannot proceed with install.

This is a major issue, if you are using agentless installation, so I would recommend you open a support case before running into the upgrade process.

McAfee Employee rajinp
McAfee Employee
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Re: epo 5.10 product compatibility issue

We cannot repost the MOVE meta package, instead we have uploaded the Private cloud connector which supports ePO 5.10 which is required for security solution to work and this will be available for customer who downloads MOVE.

This will solve the customer issue.

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