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epo 4.6 unable to login


have jsut isntalled epom 4.5 a fresh on win 2003 sp2.

the installation completed without error but when launching the epo console IE prompts me to choose a digital certificate.  But there are none lsited.  if you click ok to carry on the mcafee symbol comes up and just endlessly sits there.

should I have created a certificate of some sort first?


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Re: epo 4.6 unable to login

For the ePO server, I think one solution is to change the icon's target to point to https://YourServerNameHere:8443/ instead of https://localhost:8443/.  (If you chose a different port number during install, use it instead of 8443)

There is a way to install the certificate on remote systems so you can run the ePO console on them without the warning, but I can't remember the procedure now.

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Re: epo 4.6 unable to login

I suspect  that it's browser issue.

The issue is with Java script.

To confirm this, I will suggest you to click on McAfee icon where it's seating, you will get the Java script message.

If I am correct then we have Java script from the browser.

Did you produce the issue with other browser like Firefox (Please remember, version 3.5 and3.6 is supported not 4.0)?

Additionally is ePO console getting loaded when you add ePO server to IE trusted site.

on 15/12/11 6:12:10 AM IST

Re: epo 4.6 unable to login

I suggest you consult the ePO 4.6 Product Guide, available here:

In the English language version, the content you should review is in the SSL certificates section, beginning on page 37. The specific task you need to perform appears on page 38, Installing the security certificate when using Internet Explorer. There are 13 steps for IE and a smaller number for Firefox, so I'd prefer to direct you to the documentation rather than have me post the steps here. Also with ePO 4.6, the ePO desktop icon placed there by the installer now reflects the server's NetBIOS name rather than localhost, which in prior releases needed to be modified by hand, as it used localhost rather than the server's NetBIOS name.

If you're using Internet Explorer with enhanced security enabled, IE Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC), you may need to add the ePO server address to your Internet Explorer trusted sites list (formatted as https://servername). Failure to do so will display a "You must have javascript enabled to use this product" error message when attempting to log on to the ePO server.

Slight modification, leaving the rest of my original text as is...I didn't catch that you are working with ePO 4.5. The 4.5 version of the Product Guide you want to consult can be found here: Relevant content for your issue begins on page 33 in the English version.

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Re: epo 4.6 unable to login

I´ve got the same situation like "miss_s"(thread editor).

The situation appears since I did the 13 instructions of the product guide, regarding the installation of the ssl certificate.

It is ePO 4.6 on Win2008 Std. 64Bit.

Any solutions?

Re: epo 4.6 unable to login

For this issue, you have to enable the java script on your internet explorer.

way to enable, please refer:

By Civic7988 aka Jeffrey