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epo 4.6 SQL Express DB is x86 bit app and ePO 5.0 SQL Express DB is x64 bit app?

Hi All,

i am a little confused on this, If I have ePO 4.6  on 64 bit machine and I wanted to upgrade to ePO 5.0 then the problem is I have to manaually upgrade my SQL DB to 2008 sp1 with only x86 bit application because the ePO 5.0 is bundled with only 64 bit SQL Express version, SO I wanted to know is it normal practice to manaully upgrade to SQL 2008 sp1 and then upgrade to 5.0 version? Isthere any way that ePO 5.0 itself upgrdae it or migrate it to 64 bit SQL DB?

Any help would appreciated.


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