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epo 4.5 upgradation to epo 4.6!

hi all,

i am planning to upgrade my epo 4.5 server to 4.6 i need know following things:

1)what are the new features in epo 4.6 or difference between 4.5 and 4.6?

2)can we revert back to epo 4.5 in case of any problem in upgradation process?

3)will the existing agent handlers and distributed repositories of epo 4.5 communicate to new server 4.6?

4)how much down time will be required normally in this process of upgradation?



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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: epo 4.5 upgradation to epo 4.6!


1) Please see the New Features section of the Release Notes, here:  PD22976 , and also make note of the Known Issues.

2) It's possible, but not easy: it basically involves uninstalling 4.6 and reinstalling 4.5. Make sure you review the disaster recovery documents, and make sure you back up *everything* - the database and the entire ePO folder structure.

3) No, the agent handlers will need to be the same version as the ePO server.

4) It's impossible to say, unfortunately, as it depends entirely on the size of your database. Possibly other users will be able to comment?

Thanks -