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epo 3.6.1 Current Folder Contents Get Deleted


Got a strange issue and was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue

We use EPO v3.6.1.166 and as far as I know it's patched up (only been here a week).

In our Current directory (C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePO\3.6.1\DB\Software\Current) we have a load of subdir's that relate to the different components (LSCANDAT1000, LSPAMENG1000, VSCANDAT1000 and so on).

When epo goes and does a Repository Pull either as a schedulled task or manually the contents of this dir get deleted once the first update has been downloaded from the McAfee FTP site.

eg: it pulls down the latest DAT file into the relevant dir then when it goes to do the next download all the sub dirs in the Current location disappear. Now we keep a backup so all it not lost, but why does it do this and how to I prevent this?

We've a support call into McAfee but they've not been much help (they will be getting chased tomorrow morning) however I htought I'd ask here.

Thanks In Advance.