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enter ip address in ePO 4.0

We have installed the ePO 4.0 to our server to test it. We got some servers which is not in the domain or workgroup. But we can ping them from the ePO server.
How can I add in the ‘system tree’ using ip address?
If we select the ‘new systems’ it appear the WORKGROUP names only.
Can you please help me to solve this problem?
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RE: enter ip address in ePO 4.0

When you are trying to import a new system you can use de browse button to locate the server or you can put its IP address in the box and then apply

its not appear!!

thanks!! this Client is not appear in the workgroup list. (it can be pingable) So i entered the ip in the "Systems to add:" box. still its not working. its not displaying in the "system name"
Can you please help me.....

RE: its not appear!!

If you have deployed an agent into this computer (even if it was through the IP instead of its name) just send him a wake-up call and look again for this machine's name into the directory because it will probably create a duplicate entry (look at lost&found)