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ePolicy icon - system tray

I just did a fresh install of ePolicy 4.0 (I've only used 3.5 & 3.6) before.

Is there a way to get the ePO agent icon to appear in the system tray as there was in 3.6?
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RE: ePolicy icon - system tray

Policies > McAfee Agent > General > Show the McAfee system tray icon

RE: ePolicy icon - system tray

Thanks for the response.

One other question.

Once I enabled that feature I no longer have the McAfee shield in the system tray, it's been replaced by the red "M". Is this the norm?
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RE: ePolicy icon - system tray

Yes, that is the norm. McAfee consolidates the McAfee Virus Shield and EPO Agent icon with a single "M" icon.