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ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.1 not updating

Hello, I am fairly new to Orchestrator and I am having a problem with dat file not updating to a certain set of PC's. I was curious what i should be looking for when I am having trouble with an agent that is not updating.

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Re: ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.1 not updating

Can you provide some information ?

1. How many systems are managed in your network ?

2. How many systems are not taking update ? Difference between dat version in EPO and these managed system ?

3. When you run agent wake-up call to those systems, is it completing properly ?

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Re: ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.1 not updating

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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.1 not updating


The first place to start looking is on the client machine itself - the logs you're particularly interested in are the agent log (called agent_<name of machine>.log, and the mcscript.log.

Check the agent log first to make sure that the update task is being invoked correctly - if it is, but is showing an error, more detail about the task itself is in the mcscript.log.