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ePolicy 4.0 Master Repository Vanished

Hi guys,

We have ePolicy Orchestrator 4 running Patch 2. Everything was working fine and just yesterday I started to get updates failing with the following message in the Server Task Log "DAT File Update (Failed to verify the file size, check server task log for details)"
I clicked on the Software tab and saw that I only had one Anti-Spam update in there, everything is gone. I restarted the ePO services and didn't make any difference. This afternoon I checked again and now in the Software Tab it says "An unexpected error occurred"

This is running on Windows 2003 R2 x64 SP2. Agent and McAfee 8.5i Patch 5 is installed on the server.

any ideas ? sad
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RE: ePolicy 4.0 Master Repository Vanished

I have found a link for rebuilding the master repository but only for epo 3.6, has anyone found one for epo 4 ?

RE: ePolicy 4.0 Master Repository Vanished

I am also getting the "failed to verify the file size" error.

I'm not exactly sure I'm getting it for the same reasons as you because we are working through some networking issues at the moment.

If I get anywhere with it I'll let you know.

RE: ePolicy 4.0 Master Repository Vanished

Yeah it's a weird one, i've logged a case with Mcafee and so far they just keep saying to follow the steps in rebuilding the master repository. I've told them twice now this didn't work for us.

I had an ASR of the server, I stopped the mcafee server service and recovered the directory ...\db\software and then started the mcafee server service again. The repository came back to how it was previously. But as soon as I run a pull task (grabbing the latest dat and engine files), the master repository ends up just listing one thing i.e. DAT file and everything else is gone. After about 15mins or so, I end up getting unexpected error again ?

If you find anything new please post back and i'll do the same

RE: ePolicy 4.0 Master Repository Vanished

Ok I have resolved this..

First after looking in the EpoApSvr.log file I found major errors with DAT's, Engine updates and Antispam updates..

This is what I did

Stop the McAfee Epolicy services

restore the following directory from Backup (in my case I had an ASR)
C:\Program files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software

Start the McAfee Services

Go to the Master Respository and delete the DAT, Antispam and Engine

Re-run a new Pull task

Hope this helps out others