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ePo - Managed System Query Criteria??

When building a query, the "Configure criteria" page has a panel on the left with sections and "Managed Systems" is in multiple sections. I don't understand what these mean when there are duplicates that way. I'm sure they're for different values, but I can't find any documentation that makes it clear.

I'm trying to understand the difference between "Last Detected Time", "Last Communication" and the various managed criteria. If there is documention that tells us what these criteria do, please pass it along.

Section - Managed Systems

     Criteron - Managed state

Section - Detected Systems

     Criteron - Managed

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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Re: ePo - Managed System Query Criteria??

The Managed Systems queries pull data from your managed computers but the Detected Systems are systems detected by Rogue Sensors and they report different data.

As an example if you want to build a query that would report VirusScan installations (or DAT dpeloyment, HIPS depoyments...) then you have to use a Managed Systems query