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ePo 4.6 Device Tags not applying


I am running ePo 4.6 and have been recently having a problem with device tags. I have device tags set up based upon the name of the device. My devices are being configured with an automation script, so the device names are very precise. I have verified my device naming convention has not changed. However recently devices when added to ePo are not grabbing any tags. When I attempt to manually add a tag it will not add. No errors, just nothing adds to the device. Any ideas?

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Re: ePo 4.6 Device Tags not applying

Are you tagging the systems with a server task/query or through the tagging catalog (via evaluations)?

When you attempt to manually add the tag, have you checked server/orion logs to see if anything shows regarding the system/tagging?

**This should probably be moved to the ePO community, as well, for better visibility**


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