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ePo 4.5 policies and endpoint encryption question

Currently I have a policy set to decrypt all drives on some machines that have EEPC installed on them.

My problem comes with our agent policy that updates policies every 60 minutes; when it does this, the decryption process starts over. I would think the agent would ignore any encrypt or decrypt policies until he's finished.

Subsequently, if I re-enable the drives to be encrypted, every 60 minutes when the policies are updated by the agent, it restarts the encryption process and I'm in a constant loop.

My question: is there something I'm missing with these policies for endpoint encryption that keeps it from starting over every time the agent checks policies? Am I going to have to create a different subgroup and apply a agent policy to not not check for policy updates until after 99999 minutes?

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Re: ePo 4.5 policies and endpoint encryption question

Anyone? The EEPC policy options I'm talking about is when setting "Encrypt" to none, and for the ePo agent the only communication settings I see are located in the general tab which is policy enforcement interval is set to 60 minutes. I don't believe it's the agent policy that's causing the issue, as it's just telling the client to look for new policies, the problem is the agent picks up the current eepc policy, which is to decrypt, and restarts the decrypt process - never finishing.

ePo 4.5.4

EEPC 1.1.1

Agent extension