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ePo 4.5 Product Deployment

In System Tree- select computers- select Client Tasks- select new task-  I give it a name and choose Product Deployment.

On the next screen, the only Product I can deploy is Mcafee Agent for Windows/Linex/Mac,  It does not have my other Mcafee products like Anti-virus Enterprise 8.7i.

How do I get Orchestrator to see AV Entertprise 8.7 so I can deploy it?


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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: ePo 4.5 Product Deployment

You need to check the VSE 8.7 install package into the master repository - it's not there by default. See the "Checking in packages manually" section of the ePO 4.5 product guide - it'll walk you through the process.