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ePo 4.0.0


I've recently installed ePo 4.0.1 (Build: 1221) (We were running ProtestionPilot) on our server and am now trying to push out the installtion of VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0i. I've pulled the package in correctly as this is shown in the master repositry.

However, once the installation of 8.7 has been completed the client is no longer compliant. Its seems that only machines that still have 8.5 are. How do I get Epo to see that 8.7 versions should be complaint?

I read through quite a bit of the manual before sending this message, and do apologies if I did just miss something.

Your help on this is appreciated.
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RE: ePo 4.0.0

If I remember this properly, you need to also check in the 8.7 extensions. (Though I can't remember how to do this off the top of my head and don't currently have access to a console, sorry.)

RE: ePo 4.0.0

xilog is right, in the package you will find a file called
You have to chechk this file through the Config option->Extensions->Add new extension and then your systems will show compliant

RE: ePo 4.0.0


Thank you both for your responses. My system is now showing as complaint.

Kind Regards
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