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ePO4 P3 ODS Scheduling problem

I am running into an issue with ePO4 that I hope someone can help with.

I am trying to create an ODS client task to match the settings that we are currently using with ePO 3.6.1. When at step 3 of the builder (Schedule tab), I am seeing an upper limit of 23 hours 59 minutes on the first option "Stop the task if it runs for...". Does anyone know of a way to get around this limit? Currently, in 3.6.1, I have this set to 48 hours.

I called support and was told that it is a limitation of the extension. Support verified that VSE can accept 99 hours and 99 minutes as an execution limit, and that ePO 4 stops at 23h59m, so I had him put in an FMR.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I can't move forward with ePO4 until I get this fixed as I currently have servers sometimes hit the execution limit which is now at 48 hours with 3.6.1.



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RE: ePO4 P3 ODS Scheduling problem

Hmmm, just want to point out that if you stop the On Demand Scan task you will never get the machine fully scanned which is bad. Just let it take the time it needs.

Can you maybe allocate more CPU utilization so it is quicker? Are you excluding network drives? Excluding database files?

RE: ePO4 P3 ODS Scheduling problem

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I understand that the machine may not get completely scanned. However, the tasks that I am trying to duplicate from 3.6.1 pre-date me at this position.

That said, there is no reason why ePO should be limiting me to 23 hours 59 minutes when VSE can accept the execution time limits that they desire here. To make my customer happy I am trying to give them what they want, and was wondering if someone here knew a way around it.

Thanks again.