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ePO4.0 reporting question

I have a few questions concerning ePO 4.0 reporting:

1) Is event ID 1059 (scan timed out) a valid concern? When I run a report on threats or malware for the last 3 months with event ID 1059, the numbers are much higher than when I filter it out

2) When I run any report for a year's worth of time, it seems that it's always a month off. For example, I ran a report to show me the threats for one year and it lists 13 months (even when I filter to see show only 12 months, or one year's worth), and when I look at the individual alerts within a month, say February, the dates are for January

3) Looking at a summary report, the total numbers for each month is different from the individual threats for the month. For example, in the summary total, February is shown with 42 total threats, but when I click on February to see the individual alerts, it says there are only 20. Why the discrepancy?

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RE: ePO4.0 reporting question