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ePO361p4 not running on console


I recently successfully applied Patch 4 ( to my ePolicy Orchestrator Server Therefore i also wanted to upgrade my Remote Console from to as indicated in the ReadMe ( Running Setup, i get a Error Message indicating this Patch only to be run on ePO 3.6.0 and cancelling setup. However, running the console, version label shows ''. Do i really need to downgrade first? Do i really need to run Patch 4 on the console?

Thank you
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ePO361p4 not running on console


First, where did you get this patch?
I´m having many troubles to install this patch on the same version...
The file is corrupted, where I got it (

I cannot find other place to get it.
Can you help me to download this file?

About the installation patch procedure for the console, I know nothing. I don´t know which files contain in this patch.

Thanks for any responce.

RE: ePO361p4 not running on console


I 've got it at the same site as you and it worked for the server but not for the console.



Thanks Marcus,

I´ll try again...

Knowing something about your issues, I post it.
Did you try to unistall the ePO Console and install it through the patch?


I didn 't


Until now, i did not uninstall the console. I would wonder if the Patch would run without any console installed.


Appropriate rights missing


Because of the error message i did not notice insufficent rights. However, i was using an administrator account but probably restricted by policies on the network. I don't know the details. After getting full local rights, installation was successfull.

Thank you Wagner for help.

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