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Hi All,

I am very new to the McAfee ePO and have sosme query.

I am having 2 sites and want to have different ePO Server for each site.

My local PCs of each sites will be connected to their local ePO Server and want them to be managed by their local ePO Server.

Another thing is I also want to sync my both ePO Servers to each other.

In case of any failure, my PCs of one sites should be able to connect to the ePO Server located on other site.

How can I achieve the same??

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Re: ePO


You don't necessarily need to have one ePO server for each site. ePO offers other alternatives like a distributed repository for example.

If the distributed repository fails, the ePO agent should fall back to the main ePO server, it uses various calculation to determine closest repository.

You can apply different policies to the Pc's at the remote sites, using some tags, or putting them in a separate folder in the system tree.

Everything is explained in the product guide:

I hope that helps.


Re: ePO

Thanks Mehdi,

Initially I thought of this thing but we need to have the seperate the ePO Server because in case of failure on each site my local PCs should be communicating to the remote ePO Server which will not be possible in case I am installing the remote Agent handler or distributed repository.

Is it possible to have the seperate ePO Server and add it under the registered servers in the Head Office ePO Server and then can I sync those 2 servers?

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Re: ePO

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Re: ePO


Is it not possible in McAfee ePO technologies but ePO latest version 5.1.1 a new snapshot option added to this version where you can regularly save ePO settings into database, Incase during ePO failure by snapshot you can build ePO ASAP.

But you can't move machines automatically to another ePO when first ePO server down.

Re: ePO

Alternatively, you can use the agent handler feature to benefit from failover capabilities and load balancing. That would be a good option in that case. Please see below:

The feature mentioned above is great to make sure if your ePO server fails, you can restore it from another server. What it does is take a snapshot of the ePO config and save it as a .bak file.

Hope that makes sense.