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ePO replication Question

This may seem as a rather basic question. Please forgive me. I've just inherited an ePO 4.0 installation.

A few weeks ago, the last thing the previous ePO manager did was the VSE 8.7 rollout.

For reasons unclear to me, instead of using UNC paths on a widely replicated DFS share to distribute the files, it was on 7 FTP servers at various sites across the country (we have a DFS share replicated to 50+ sites across the country).

When clients started updating themselves, they pretty much killed the bandwidth of those 7 sites and caused a bunch of issues with WAN access...

....Then I inherited things...lucky me..

So I am looking into how to make things better. At first I was surprised BITS wasn't used..then I found the UNC thing.

So am I right that pointing the ePO server to the DFS share to create it's repository, letting the DFS share replicate itself, and then simply pointing clients to the DFS UNC patch will do much to reduce these types of headaches in the future?