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ePO on Linux

How can we install McAfee ePO Server console on Linux Server (any OS)??

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Re: ePO on Linux

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Re: ePO on Linux

McAfee ePO does not work on UNIX environment.. only Windows.

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Re: ePO on Linux

Do you have query about installing ePO on linux machine or would like to access console from linux machine?

ePO uses web console and should be accessible from remote machine (from linux also). Make sure that you are using supported browser as per ePO documents.

You need to open supported browser and write hxxps://<ePO server name/IP address>:8443/core

(Note from Moderator, have broken the above link to display it correctly - substitute tt for the xx)

Re: ePO on Linux

The ePO server can only be installed on Windows.

It is made up of three Windows Services.

The Agent Communication element is implemented using Apache and the Application server (the web console) is implemented with TomCat and their is also an Event Parser service which deals with Events passed to it buy the Apache Agent Communication service.

You can view the Web console through any browser by referencing the server name on the Server Port you declared during installation, which as hem indicates above, as port 8443 by default.



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