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ePO lost the management over the systems


My ePO lost the management over all systems every monday. All systems stays in system tree, but the Dashboard Compliance Summary starts monday with 0 systems. During the day, the system Agents reports itself to ePO and the Compliance Summary grows up.
Anybody can help me?
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RE: ePO lost the management over the systems

You dont have an inactive agent task setup for 1 or 2 days do you?
It could be because all your machines go offline at the weekend and dont contact the ePO server, then the epo server deletes them.
Try looking at your tasks in automation.

RE: ePO lost the management over the systems

The compliance summary can be costomized to show only computers having connected to ePO server on the last X days, perhaps you have changed it to 2 days and so after a weekend they don't appear anymore...?
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