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ePO listening IP conflict

Hi All,

Lately I see that my servers managed under ePO is not doing the DAT upgrades as scheduled, and I think the reason for that is because the ePO server was added a new NIC and IP.

Previously, my network consist of one LAN (LAN A - class B).null Then we added another group of machines (LAN B - class C) as well as adding a NIC to ePO server to manage them. I see that when I start ePO, highlight the server, under the "Setting" tab, it shows the ePO's IP as what I added later on (LAN B - class C). Since then, the machines from LAN A seems not doing anymore DAT update.

I wonder if that has happend to anyone else before? How did you resolve that? Was I doing it wrong by just adding another NIC to manage the group, while I should have build another ePO server, receive replicate from the master, and manage the LAN B?

Thank you very much!
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RE: ePO listening IP conflict

Is there a reason why you can't route between LAN's? We have many different LAN's in our company. We control access via route statements and ACL's on our layer 3 network devices.