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ePO licenses

Hi ,

I would like to know more about mcafee ePO licenses.

1)Do I need internet connection to activate license.

  • if yes any offline license is available?.

2)Does any main functionality will get disabled if I use ePO in an isolated network(no internet).

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McAfee Employee

Re: ePO licenses

ePolicy Orchestrator Licensing

1. The license is obtained from Download My Products Login | McAfee Downloads  using your grant number to access.


2. At the ePO login screen you would be prompted to enter your license key if you were in the default 90 trial period.

3. Technically you do not need an internet connection for the licensing process. Having the internet allows the software manager to see what you are licensed for. Software would be forth coming

    if you decided to implement. Not all software is available by an ePO license. You would look to the downloads site for additional products that ePO does not download like appliance related products etc.

4. I have clients that use ePO in a development state that have zero internet such as government, public safety or isolated networks in general.

5. You can add a license to ePO using the Server Settings.


That answer your question?


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Level 7

Re: ePO licenses


According this, if I just need to renew license (epo 5.3) , do I need to do something or its automatic renewal after I purchased the new license??

many thanks


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