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ePO installation

Hi, i want to purchase two suites one is Endpoint protection suite (eps) and Complete data protection (CDB) but dont know that how to install both suites with on ePO server use to manage features of both

Please i need help and suggestion how to sort out solution


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Re: ePO installation

Hi homea50 -

ePO is "suite-neutral", and by that I mean that it does not care what suite(s) you purchase. Each point product will be available with your grant number(s) on the download site. Once on this download site you will see a few things. For each product there will be a set of extensions, an ePO package (product installer wrapped for import into ePO), a standalone installer (for use with tools such as SCCM, KACE, etc.) and product / install guides.

For each product in the suite(s) that you purchase, you would simply stand up your ePO server, and then import the extensions for each product and import the packages for each product. From there these extensions will populate the policy catalog, as well as add additional fields, views, queries, and much more into ePO for use with each managed system.

If you are new to ePO and the associated solutions, I would strongly suggest talking with your account manager and sales engineer about adding a Professional Services engagement to your purchase. McAfee Professional Services can work with you to design and implement the products.