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ePO configuration: disable stop McAfee Services

Hi all!

We have 2 servers running McAfee Viruscan enterprise which are managed via ePO. Both servers use similar ePO strategy.

I would like to know if it's possible to deny the possibility to disable AV protection whan running Viruscan console (see picture cap-1.jpg in attached file) ?

I set up ePO strategy like this:

-Access protection> Access protection parameters> Deny stop McAfee services (see picture cap-2.jpg in attached file)

Could you help me to understand what's wrong in my configuration?


Kind regards.


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Re: ePO configuration: disable stop McAfee Services

The option in the policy to prevent services being stopped only works against non-mcafee processes so the console is allowed to stop the OAS and access protection.

Your best bet is to look at the 'General Options Policy for VSE' and the options in there to password protect the GUI if your having issues with users disabling it.

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