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ePO and SQL Named Instance with Browsing Service disabled

Recently we've begun to lock down our SQL servers based on best practices. One of those requirements is to disable the SQL browsing service. Upon disabling this service our ePO service doesn't work. Does anyone else have a similar configuration and did you need to make any special changes? IN particular what I'm seeing is the McAfee GUI not coming up. Once we enable the browsing service the GUI responds and I can login. Otherwise just the spinning wheel on the admin web page.


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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: ePO and SQL Named Instance with Browsing Service disabled

This would make sense - if ePO was installed when the browser service was running, it will be configured to try and dynamically determine the port in use. If you then disable the browser service, ePO will no longer be able to determine the port dynamically.

To fix this, go into the config page where ePO's SQL server settings are configured, and remove the entry for the named instance, and fill in the port information with the port that the instance is listening on. This tells ePO to only use the explicit port and not try to dynamically identify the port SQL is using.