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ePO and Macintosh...No Browsers available ???

hello community, i am looking for some help and guidance. I have been recently forced to move to a macintosh and i must say that i am enjoying it. I have been a ePO administrator since release in our enviroment and have found myself using a OS that dosent allow me to login to the ePO due to no support browsers for my system.

currently of course there is the native safari, this does not work, next there is google chrome, this does not work, and finally there is firefox 11 which is the current version all state. This is not a supported broswers.

i am running ePO 4.6 and looking for some help.

what does everyone do if they are using a macintosh i feel like there is lack of development on the part of mcafee in this case.

currently i am forced now to use IE in a VM on my mac and really would like to avoid this.