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ePO access from internet clients with Microsoft DirectAccess connection?

With ePO 5.3.2 or ePO 5.9 clients with agent 5.0.4, can they communicate with ePO from the internet over a basic DirectAccess connection without Manage Out capability?

Manage Out allows you to push to the clients, but the clients should still be able to "pull" resources without Manage Out.

The clients have VSE 8.8, MNE 4.1 and SAE 3.5 and we want to make sure the policies are enforced and reporting and other client notifications stay up to date without requiring Manage Out or a VPN connection.

It would also be nice if we assign McAfee products at the system tree branch, the client would be able to pull the products over a DA connection without needing Manage Out.

Will SAE 3.5, VSE and MNE work on this type of connection?

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