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ePO Web Api - Create Group

Am I missing something or is it not possible to create a group using epo web api?

Please create a function for this in a future version

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Re: ePO Web Api - Create Group

You can use the system.importSystem command.  When you pass it the computer name parameter add a backslash.

To test this out easily you can use the API explorer in the ePO Tools Exchange or use a browser with the follwing URL.  Once authenticated you should see the new group. 


Subgroups can be create by adding addtional groupnames with backslashes


API Explorer :

11-1-2011 10-57-10 PM.png

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Re: ePO Web Api - Create Group

Can the Web API be used to edit the 'Notes' field on the created group (similar to system.setUserProperties)?

Message was edited by: mdyer on 12/24/11 9:02:24 AM EST

Re: ePO Web Api - Create Group

Bumping an old thread to avoid duplicate posts. Has this been updated in ePO 5.1.2? I tried to call system.importSystem as follows but it just created an unmanaged system in the lost&found.

wget -q -O - --no-check-certificate --user=USERNAME --password=PASSWORD https://server:8443/remote/system.importSystem?names=testgroup\&branchNodeID=2

Any advice would be appreciated.


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