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ePO Server Proxy Module

Hi Guys,

Is there any McAfee ePO proxy process that may collect data from one or more managed machines and send the information to the McAfee ePO server, essentially working on behalf of the server. So that all collected data is buffered locally and then transferred to the ePO server the proxy belongs to.



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Re: ePO Server Proxy Module

Hi mobin.qasim 

Welcome to the Communities. 

You have two options,

1) A Super Agent, which is a normal Agent on Sterios, but needs to be in the same broadcast Network as the endpoints want to manage. Managed devices send out a broadcast message to 'discover' super agents nearby. 

2) an Agent Handler, which runs the same Agent server component as the full ePO Server. This options needs low latency direct connection to the SQL database so isn't ideal on high latency networks and in that environment would have an adverse impact on your ePzo environment. 

Can I ask what style/design enterprise you have and we could propose the ideal case for you. 



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