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ePO Repos

I have ePO v4 and I created a couple new repo's for updates. When I check the repo's on the clients, I see the ones I created and they are enabled however when you click to do an update, it does not check the new repo's.... any idea why?
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RE: ePO Repos

Have you edited the ePO Agent Policy to assign the groups to selected repositories? If not, you need to do so. When we first rolled out ePO, some 6 years ago, we neglected to do that and everyday at 12 noon our whole network came to a screaming halt as 10K workstations tried to hit the ePO server to download the dat. Of course, I didn't work on ePO then. =).

Now we have roughly 60 repositories for 15K workstations. I have a seperate policy for each Site with the two repositories that are closest selected for them.

Hope this helps.

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