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ePO Reporting wrong version of HIPS

We have about 100 machines that are being reported by the ePO as having HIPS but when manually checked on the system, they show HIPS  The clients have checked into the ePO recently yet dont get updated with having the current version.  Is there a reason the ePO would still report these clients as having a previous version of HIPS?

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Re: ePO Reporting wrong version of HIPS

I had a similar issue but with the Virusscan module, however, after a reboot of the updates machines, they started reporting the correct version back to ePO. Have you rebooted any of them yet?

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McAfee Employee
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Re: ePO Reporting wrong version of HIPS

Perhaps the clients have not completed an agent-to-server communication (ASCI) since the patch was applied. If they have try deleting the machine from the system tree and perform another ASCI. This will re-populate the machine in the system tree and it may get the properties reporting correctly.