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ePO Problems

We have ePO 5.3.1   (ePO01) installed on our network to mange all computers. (Network 01)

In addition we have another Network (Network 02) that we have deployed ePO server (ePO02) as well. This network doesn't have connection to the main network and is managed by another team.

Since this Network doesnt have Internet it was decided that 1 of the machines in Network 01 will be made SuperAgent (Master01) and act as repository for the Network 02 ePO02 server.

We have 2 Firewalls :

FW01 -  Between Master01 (SuperAgent) and ePO01 (Maine ePO server with Internet )

FW02 - Between Master02 (SuperAgent/Repository) and ePO02 (ePO on the network without Internet)

I am facing configuration issues and feel (mostly maybe because of missing firewall rules)

This is what is happening:

Problem 01:

Master01 - we have shared the C:\Mcafee\Repository folder as location for it to save/download files from ePO01 (main ePO)

However as i can see the folders in this are not getting updated since the day we setit up. I fee it had done something as there are folders and files in it . But definetly it is not updating since then

The SiteStat.xml shows as Disbaled

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<SiteStatus Status="Disabled"> </SiteStatus>

Following FW rules are enabled

Master01 to Epo01(main) ---- TCP/443,TCP/8443 ,TCP/8081,TCP10080

ePO01(Main) to Master01  --- TCP/8081

Q:: Am i missing something in terms of rules inboud or outbound or both for Master01 to get updated files from ePO and save to reporstory for ePO02 to then able to use/download them

Problem 02:

I want ePo02 to use Master01 as its source for the DAT etc

Q:Which firewall rules do i need to enable between Master01 and ePO02

I think there are 2 ways (UNC / FTP)

i would prefer UNC but not sure which user can access the files as the Network 02 is not a domain and users do not exist on Master01 for Network 02

I am not sure if i have been clear with my question as i am new to ePO , please do ask me if you need more information

Thank you in advance

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Re: ePO

Any response on this

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Re: ePO Problems

I altered your header to make it stand out more.  Good luck.




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