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ePO: OS upgrade weirdness

Our existing ePO, both in lab and production, is on Win2003.

There's a push to move al lto 2008.

I'm not keen on re-installing ePO, and I don't really want to make a new ePO instance because I want to keep all the existing historical data in one spot..I just want to move ePO to Win2008..

Since the Original Win2008 is both 32 and 64 bit, I cloned my lab ePO and upgraded the clone to 2008 (not R2), just to see IF it would work.

..and surprisingly DID...I had to edit the service dependencies to not require NTLMssp, but after that, it started just for one weird thing...

Before, ePO would detect my time zone and show events relative to my time zone (EDT)...but now, it's ONLY showing GMT...regardless of browser.

Not a huge deal, because it';s just the lab, but I'm curious if this is normal behaviour on 2003 vs 2008 for ePO.

it's ePO 4.6.3.

No other changes were made to ePO at all...just upgraded the underlying OS from 2003 32 bit to 2008 32 bit...

An OS upgrade shouldn't make that much of a difference...