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ePO Not Deploying HIPS or VSE

Over the past few months our ePolicy Orchestrator has been giving us a headache. Our normal method for deploying protection to our PC's is to go into the System Tree, choose a PC/Server, and then click Actions -> Agents -> Deploy Agents. This usually deploys a McAfee Agent, VirusScan Enterprise, and HIPS, but something has changed and now it only deploys an Agent and PCR____1000.

We have updated the packages for VSE and HIPS, updated ePO (Currently at 4.6.6 (Build 176)), and restarted our server.

Is there a chance our licensing has reached it's limit? Has anyone ever had this problem before?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: ePO Not Deploying HIPS or VSE

Performing that action only deploys the McAfee Agent, you need to ensure you have a Client Task created for the McAfee Agent for Product Deployment and that its assigned.

Re: ePO Not Deploying HIPS or VSE


Thanks for the response, I'm relatively new to our McAfee setup, but for the past year I've used the steps I mentioned to deploy all three products without a hitch. The person who set up our AV is on vacation, but he doesn't remember doing anything special with a new task.

The Client Task you're speaking of would be under System Tree -> Assigned Client Tasks? The only tasks there are our Virus Scan tasks, nothing to do with deployment.

Re: ePO Not Deploying HIPS or VSE

Hi c.vandermotten, if you have updated VSE and HIPS packages in your master repository then you'll have to edit your VSE and HIPS deployment taks as you'll have to select again the products you want to deploy

Re: ePO Not Deploying HIPS or VSE

Laszlo G,

Also thanks for the response,

We updated VSE and HIPS after the problem started, hoping the update would fix it. We currently only use the built-in Deploy Agents task (the one I mention in original post) to deploy VSE and HIPS. I'll look more into it but I don't see any secondary tasks associated with it. Is there a way to alter the default deploy agent task?

Re: ePO Not Deploying HIPS or VSE

c.vandermotten, as you told before the Client Task should be under System Tree -> Assigned Client Tasks (for a specific group or for whole My Organization) so if you can't find it there then you'll have to set it again.

You can also have a look under Meni->Policies->client tasks assignment and see if your HIPS/VSE task is being assigned somewhere