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ePO: Making non standard query


It's possible to make such dashboard in ePO? Or something more similar.

My main message is to see comliant vs noncompliant durting the months or days.

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Re: ePO: Making non standard query

Yes, it is possible.  However, there are several things that have to be in place for that to happen.

First thing is to duplicate the McAfee agent compliance summary query, then configure the boolean criteria for what you want to match as being compliant or not.

Then you have to regularly run this server task to generate the data for your historical data.

Generate records for Mcafee agent compliance history reporting

Data for your query won't be available historically until you do all that.  Then you can go to new query, compliance history, and under bar time units, change it to month instead of year - then you can limit max bars to 12 or 24 for a year or 2 of data.

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Re: ePO: Making non standard query

Thank you! I will try it on leisure! 

And than will give my feedback Heart

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