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ePO Issues

Issue #1

ePO Server displays IPv6 only and not IPv4. I want to know their IP address on IPv4 format because most of the computers have the same computer name. I tried to edit the columns and remove the IPv6 but the IPv4 column has no data.

Issue #2

I am having problems on interpreting the reports on McAfee Dashboard and drill down. The threat target user name column displays

1. NT Authority\System


Issue #3

When I try to generate a query or a report the report on the viruses found only displays May 29, 2014. I want to have a comparison on a weekly basis and on a daily basis on the viruses found.

Issue #4

The threats source displays and ip address and a ip address as a source of threats. has many interpretations so what does McAfee means of

Computer name         Total: 38

computer 1

192.168.x.x                            20                                   18

Issue #5

I tried to create a description column and a custom column 1 field but everytime the agents synchronize or when I click the column to group it via ascending or descending order it resets all the columns I filled up.