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Level 9

ePO Hack :定義ファイルの更新 / Update DAT file


You can Update DAT file at systems controlled with ePO.


(ePO master repository needs to be updated before you update DAT.)


Below is an example.

以下は、McAfee Agentの製品ガイドの83ページ「選択したシステムの更新を設定する」を元にしています。

it is based on a product guide of McAfee Agent , page 78, [Configure selected systems for updating]


In this case, you can update DAT of VSE in ePO.


Select the system in system tree ( version of DAT in the system is [8680] )


Select [Action] => [Agent] => [Update Now]


Click [OK] with selected pacages.


(In this case, All the packages are selected .)


You can see DAT updated in McAfee Agent Monitor.


You can see the version of DAT is updated from [8680] to [8681] .

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